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  • Hip Joint Replacement

    The top (head) of the femur meets with the acetabulum to form a ball-and-socket joint. The acetabulum is a cup-like structure which articulates with the femur to support the weight of the body in running...

  • Knee Joint Replacement

    The thigh and the leg meet at the knee to form a hinge joint. The bones of the knee joint are the femur and the tibia. This joint is protected by the patella (kneecap) and is cushioned by cartilage.

    knee Joint Replacment
  • Sports Medicine

    Sports injuries occur when playing indoor or outdoor sports or while exercising. Sports injuries can result from accidents, inadequate training, improper use of protective devices, or insufficient stretching or warm-up exercises.

  • Arthroscopic Surgery

    Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure during which the internal structure of a joint is examined for diagnosis and treatment of problems inside the joint. In arthroscopic examination, a small incision is made in the patients skin through which pencil-sized instruments that have a small lens and lighting system (arthroscope) are passed.

  • Non-Operative Treatment Options

    Osteoarthritis is a painful, degenerative condition that can affect any joint in the body. However, the knees and hips are common locations because they are weight-bearing joints.

  • Shoulder Surgery

    The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body making it the most susceptible to instability and injury. It is a 'ball-and-socket' joint. A ‘ball' at the top of the upper arm bone, humerus, fits neatly into a 'socket’, called the glenoid, which is part of the shoulder blade, scapula.

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Anterior hip replacement is a minimally invasive hip surgery to replace the hip joint without cutting through any muscles. The surgical procedure involves a small incision in front of the hip, anterior, as opposed to an incision on the side or back of the hip.

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